The Tree Canvas Print, 12"x 12" 

$125 + $10 shipping + tx

*Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery as each order is handled one at a time and a few steps are involved with each one and I'm only one Meg, lol 

Also if you would like to purchase more than 2 canvases contact me directly so I can give you $/%  off additional ones!

The Tree 

Thank you for your support and please enjoy a few final pieces of art!


Grackles on a Wire, Acrylic, 8"x 10", 2012

Mom's Cabin, Acrylic, 12' x 16", 2016

Inspired by growing up in Vermont and observing nature and the seasons change, I created 8 acrylic paintings that work together as 2 individual images. The Tree and Seasons are now available as most beautiful ready-to-hang canvas prints! Giclees require framing and can end up in the closest...for the almost the same cost I can make canvas prints, which are the next best thing to having the original image!

Details:  Canvas prints have the image stretched on a canvas and are immediately ready to be put on the wall. The canvas size for The Tree and Seasons is 12" x  12" with .75-1" depth.  Only 30 runs of The Tree and Seasons  will be printed and considered a first edition. I will also sign and number each canvas.

Out There, Acrylic, 4" x 12", 2016

Yay! I'm glad you're here!

​Seasons Canvas Print, 12" x 12"

$125 + $10 shipping+ tx

What's coming up next month...

-The Tree and Seasons on things that come in 4's...starting with mugs!

-Holiday cards!!

Remember that ANY of the individual images in The Tree and Seasons can be made easily into a 12" x 12" canvas print! 

Let me know and we'll make it happen!