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I've been teaching drawing and painting skill to young artists for over 20 years. I specialize in realistic drawing and acrylic painting. Here's a few shots of some my brilliant student's work!








Parent Testimonials:

“My son and I met Megan at the Austin Museum of Art.He was 12 at the time and had an instant connection with Megan. She has a unique gift to inspire students to be fearless to express their individual talents. My son has artistically flourished with the help of Megan. I have been so impressed to see his confidence grow and his ability to express emotionally his thoughts and feelings through his artwork.”

Father of 14-year old student

"Megan has a real talent for teaching children art. My daughter's drawing ability has grown so much in the short time they have had lessons together, Megan seem to knows how to inspire her to bring out her best."
Mother of 9-year-old student

"Finally my two children are getting real art instruction!  Good paper, brushes, and real skills! Megan has been a blessing in our lives, my children's abilities in drawing and painting, as well as their confidence, have grown leaps and bounds with her wonderful instruction."

Mother of two students, ages 7 and 10

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